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What are You Saying?

Posted by Presentation Skills on October 8, 2009

There are 3 meanings that can be attributed to any message. The meanings change depending on our thoughts.

The fist meaning is the meaning that you attribute to the message. eg ‘Can you come here when you get a chance’ to you means ‘Can you come here now’

The second meaning is the meaning that the other person hears. eg. ‘Can you come here when you get a chance’ to them means, ‘No hurry, but I want to show you something if you want to see it’

The final meaning is the literal interpretation. ‘Can you come here when you get a chance’ means ‘You decide if you want to come and when you want to come.’

Next time someone misunderstands your message, or does not do what you want them to do, consider if they got the message as you intended them too.

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Is this the Strongest Toastmasters club ever?

Posted by Presentation Skills on March 13, 2008

ON Saturday 8 March 2008 Adelaide Toastmasters Club won all 4 Division contests in District 73. In addition to that, they also took away the Toastmaster of the Year award too!

The first competition of the day was the Evaluation Contest and was won Darren Fleming ATM–B. Showing keen analytic skills coupled with great structure, Fleming provided expert advice to the target speaker. Speaking first, he was able to choose unique commendations and recommendations that ensured he stood out from teh other 7 contestants. Ron Watts CTM from Adelaide Toastmasters Club placed second.

The second competition of the day – the Humerous speaking contest – was won by Austin Nevis DTM, VPE of Adelaide Toastmasters Club. Speaking about his life long desire to be famous, Nevis displayed the skills that has taken him to 2nd place in the District Competition for the past 2 years. Can he go one better this year? On top of this award, Nevis was awarded the Central Division Toastmaster of the year award.

The afternoon belonged to Ron Watts, VPM of Adelaide Toastmasters Club First was the Table Topics competition. Speaking to the topic, ‘To get what you want you must know what you need’ Watts spoke solidly for 2 minutes without really saying anything. This is a skill that he has mastered over recent years and would make any politician proud.

The final event for the day was the International Speech competition. With both Fleming and Watts competing, this was going to be the event that showed who was the better speaker. Speaking first, Fleming spoke about the need to simplify when working towards goals. Show glimpses of humour and the skills that took him to the District Final in 2006 he set the bar high.

Watts was the 7th of 8 speakers and spoke about the importance of family in our lives. Finishing with a strong message, Watts implored us to think about how we prioritise our family with respect to other areas of our life.

When the results were announced, last years Division winner Gaynor Quinn ATM-B from Prospeak Toastmasters took out the second place. Then, when the top prise for the day was awarded, Watts was acclaimed as a poplar winner.

Speaking after the event, Watts said that he was surprised that eh ahd won as he thought that there were many other speakers. Fleming said that he was, ‘over the moon that Adelaide had taken all four titles.’

All 3 contestants are now off to Lilydale Victoria in may for the District Championships and are looking to see if they can all go one better.

Adelaide Toastmasters Club is in one of 17 clubs in Central Division. In the past twoyears, Adelaide Toastmasters Club has won three of the 4 titles on offer at Division and in 2007 took out the District Table Topics competion.

’til next time,


Darren Fleming

Australia’s Public Speaking Coach and a very proud past President and VPE of Adelaide Toastmasters Club


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