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Has Westpac got it wrong?

Posted by Presentation Skills on November 11, 2009

Westpac Banking Corporation in Australia recently launched their TV advert campaign about how they have changed. The campaign highlights that they are now more customer focused. The only problem is, the ads are not saying that.

The key line in all the ads is ‘I am… We are…’ then they explain what that means. Their explanation includes being ‘Factor 30 sunscreen’, ‘not swimming for 30 minutes after eating’ (what ever that means!) and other lines aimed at getting Gen X & Y to remember the fun of their childhood.

But I don’t care about Westpac – I care about me, in the same was as you care about you.

Your thoughts please…….


Darren Fleming

3 Responses to “Has Westpac got it wrong?”

  1. I agree, Darren. I didn’t understand that ad campaign – very cryptic at times. And it didn’t resonate with me, perhaps for the reasons you give – that it’s all about the bank. And yet I couldn’t really see what swimming and sunscreen had to do with it – the idea of sunscreen protection made me think more of an insurance company.

  2. Peter Everingham said

    I agree Darren that what matters is what “I care about” – but I also think that a large part of what I care about when it comes to choosing a bank is in fact … “what does this bank actually care about, stand for?”. Espcially given all the heightened uncertainty, fear & loss of trust amidst the GFC. In this sense – I actually think the campaign strikes a real chord for people.

  3. It appears that Westpac have misread the public again with their interest rate rise, bananna smoothie ad and saying that no-one will lose their house over the last interest rate rise.

    Has Westpac lost touch with the public that much in the 4 years since I left? Perhaps they have. Check it out here http://www.smh.com.au/business/the-kelly-backlash-20091211-koi5.html


    Darren Fleming
    Australia’s Corporate Speech Coach

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