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Annoying Speaking Habits

Posted by Presentation Skills on November 12, 2007

We have all encountered speakers that have annoying habits.  This could be the over use of “um, errs and Ahs”, the tendency to waffle on and on and on and on and on………or the speaker who simply does not get to the point.

…….And this does not just have to be a speaker on stage.  It can be someone in a meeting, a customer on a call……………..or even a sister (or brother!).

I’m compiling a list of these annoying habits so I can address advise skills to overcome them.  This means that you will never have others accusing you of having the annoying habit!

So please, let me know what they are…………….


Darren Fleming

Australian Public Speaking Courses

One Response to “Annoying Speaking Habits”

  1. 6minutes said

    Hi Darren:

    You may be interested in a recent post which reports results from an informal survey which collected numerous “Annoying Speaking Habits.”

    Survey says: Speaker DO’s and DON’Ts


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